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Current Job Leads

In order for the One-Stops to refer you to potential employers, we need to have copies of your right-to-work (RTW) documents on file. RTW documents usually include a driverís license (or a government-issued photo ID card) and a Social Security card. If you have questions about RTW documents, please contact a One-Stop at the number shown on the right side of this page.

The One-Stops provide a comprehensive listing of jobs available from a variety of sources several times a week.  Resource Specialists in the Centers can provide additional leads on a daily basis.

Start your job search by checking the following links.  The One-Stops are here to provide the assistance you need so you can get that job!

Current Job Leads at the One-Stops!
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Chico Enterprise Record
Butte County Personnel

Chico State University
Butte/Glenn Community College

Internet Resumes and Job Searching
The Resource areas offer listing of employment related Internet sites and Resource Specialists are able to assist you with Internet searches for jobs virtually anywhere.  You can also post your resume online at various sites.

Resume Writing Assistance
In the Resource Center of the One-Stops there are several computers that job seekers use to develop their resumes.  If they need assistance a Resource Specialist will help them get started.

Keyboard & 10 key testing and certification
The One-Stops Resource Centers offer testing and certification in these areas,  Tutorial software is available.  It will be necessary to present photo ID in order to receive a certificate.  In order to utilize these programs, please see a Resource Specialist

Career Counseling and Planning
Resource Specialists in each One-Stop are available to assist with career planning.  A number of tools and assessment inventories are utilized.  Resource Specialists can work with you on a continuing basis to advance your career.

Job Search Workshops and Supervised Job Search
The One-Stops offer three-week Job Search Workshops open to the general public.  The main focus is on preparing the job seeker for employer contacts and job search activities.
The first two weeks consist of classroom instruction on skills assessment, resume writing and employer expectations.  The third week consists of a supervised job search.

Vocational Training
Resource Specialists can assist you in identifying local training providers based on your specific need.  In additions, they may be able to direct you to possible funding sources, such as Private Industry Council, student financial aid from the training vendor, or other agencies.

On-the-Job Training
There are two main sources of possible OJT through the One-Stops.  One agency is the Private Industry Council, or PIC.  Resource Specialists in the One-Stops can assist with informing you how to access this source. 
The second source of OJT is Experience Works.  Please see "Mature Worker Program" for more information.

Vocational Assessment
The One-Stops offers a wide range of tools to assist you in determining your individual vocational path.  This can be done on an informal basis by using self assessment software or by participating in a structured Vocational Assessment Workshop.

Job Interview Preparation
Resource Specialists in each of the One-Stops are available to assist you in developing strategic skills for job interviews.  It is recommended that you have a current resume prior to contacting a Specialist.

Adult Education
Resource Specialists can direct you to sites for GED preparation and testing, and they have information for those desiring continuing or adult education.

Youth Employment Programs
The Private Industry Council offers a youth employment program designed to assist youth in search of employment.  For more information, please contact a Resource Specialist in one of the One-Stop Centers.

Labor Market Information
For both job seekers and employers, labor market information is vital.  Fortunately, a vast amount of information with the makeup of the of the labor market is available.  This type of information can assist a job seeker trying to determine the best type of position, education, or training to obtain in order to succeed in a particular labor market.

Resource Specialists in each One-Stop are knowledgeable in accessing this information.  Among the Web sites frequently utilized are the following:

Department of Finance, CA
Bureau of Labor Statistics
US Department of Labor
Employment Development Department




Oroville One-Stop
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Oroville, CA 95965

Chico One-Stop
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Alliance for Workforce Development
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